Clown Camp Kiso 2017

is a program that had started following in the footsteps of tradition of great 30 years of Clown Camp of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2011.

Original had been a week-long program, but for Japanese that can not take a week holiday, Clown Camp KISO set 4 days program. Each year we had a different theme to learn in the limited days. Also we had started pre-program for participants who appetite to learn more.

It’s a great pleasure and honor  to have Dr.Richard Snowberg who is Director of Clown Camp (R) for 30 years for 5th Anniversary of this Clown Camp Kiso 2015 program. He describe  about this program in English.

Program line up for 2017


    • Participants will learn the basic clown acting through the rehearsal, creating the show with RONE&Gigi and appearing for final show for local kids/senior audience.

    • RONE&Gigi support you at the final show as sound and stage hands.


Main Program

  • Educational classes for all level clowns.

  • Basic skills and thought for all category of Clowns such as Entartain, Caring, Education and Hospital.

  • Visiting nursing home for kids and senior

  • Join the Clown Show

  • Thursday 29th June – Sunday 2nd July
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Venue: Kiso Culture Park Culture Hall

Come and join us!

Opportunity of Meet & Greet, Clown Parade, Clown Show and more fun activities are waiting for you.

For Example;

Performance with professional staff clowns!

  • The Show open to the public at a beautiful Kiso Cultural Park Hall. (Main program participants)
  • Clown Parade (Both of Pre and Main program participants)
  • Show and Meet & Greet at the elementary school (Both of Pre and Main program participants)
  • Visiting Senior/ Kids home (Main program participants)
  • Open Mic (Main program participants)

What we focus in 2017;

◆Basic thought and skills

◆International Exchange

◆deeper developping clown character

◆clown-acting and clowning

At Clown Camp Kiso

  • you will learn clowning from professional clowns such as Rone and Gigi.
  • you will get together with other clowns across any group, cross-genre and category.
  • you will share different information around clowns from different country.

There are very few clown school, lab or work-shops in Japan. Because there is not clown calture here in the history.
The time when Rone and Gigi had started learn clowning, the only way to learn is join the overseas program such as U.S.A. , U.K., and other European country after Clown College Japan. Clown Camp Kiso is the chance you can learn clowning in Japan and Asia area.

If you have  appetite;

  • Learning  more about clowning
    The program will be fit for both of  Beginner and Advance clown.
  • Experience to be clown
  • Making people laugh

You will wonderful time both of clown art and wonderful nature of Kiso where the center of Japan Island. Here, almost all of people here, not only kids, but also adults  will see clowns the first time in their life. You might be the first one.

Clown Camp Kiso will provide you;

  • Wide focus of clowning
  • Classes for learning/training clowning
  • Visiting to local community
  • Meet with clown friends overseas
  • The show at the Kiso Cultural Hall theater