About 3.11.2011

In 2011, after the big earthquake disaster in Japan, as a result of having repeated careful examination, we decided “holding”.
The participant was 32 people who came over from the all over Japan.
Over 300 people came to watch the show of the clown and met them at the school we went.
We uploaded a report of clown camp Kiso 2011 with thanks to all people concerned with.
On the opening day of this Clown camp, in the morning of June 30 in 2011, there was a big earthquake in Matsumoto of Nagano.

In the office of the Kiso culture park culture hall, the phone rang incessantly from the participants who already left towards Kiso. They asked “Is it cancellation?” or say “a train does not work”…

After hearing the damage of an earthquake disaster generated in Matsumoto,we worried about holding camp such time ,but finally we decided to hold because “it is such time”.

The time for opening ceremony was largely delayed, but all the participants arrived safely, and the first clown camping Kiso started on schedule.

On the cable TV of Kiso, a special program of one hour was broadcasted in August.
We are very glad that the local people also enjoy Clown camp.


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