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Clown Camp Kiso Implement Details

Before booking registration, please read this “implementation Details”, and  jump to that form.

Registration link is the bottom of this page.

◆About program

Clown camp Kiso is made up with the following organization.

  • Host by: Japan Theater Clown Company  OPEN SESAME
  • Co-host by: Kiso extended association Kiso culture park
  • The copyright of photoes and movies shot formally by Clown Camp KISO belongs to Clown Camp KISO.
  • At the time of the application,we should have you agree.
  • The final schedule of the class will decide on the middle part in June.
  • We will send the schedule to the participants.
  • In addition, on our web site, we are going to upload the newest information.
  • During a session of the camping,classes,lectures,classrooms may be changed due to various reasons.
  • Please be forewarned.
  • Clown camp Kiso are not responsible for any accident/injury during the program. All are your own risk.

◆About a participation qualification

  • The participation of the child is possible, but there is no class of “the class for children” in particular.
  • Please participate among general classes for adults.
  • If she/he doesn’t go for a clown class, she/he can participate as an attendant or a visitor companion.
  • A person under 18 years old needs a people who is her/his parent or parental unit as her/his attendant.

To the attendant,

  • please send application foam, but you can apply for either “the attendant visitor ” and ” program participation”.
  • In the case of “the attendant visitor”, it is applied to only a person coming with participants more than one.
  • As for the person wanting a visit,  you can see a public program with general participants, but, please arrange the itineraries such as staying and the meal by yourself.

◆About an application

Registration start: 1st March

  • We accept your application by the application from on the site or FAX.
  • Because the last of this page includes a form button
  • In the case of an application from the site, please click on the application form under the page and jump to that form.
  • The person who want an application by the FAX clicks the FAX paper downloading in the last of this page and prints it out, or, please request an application to the our office. We will send FAX application paper.
  • The application will be settled when you send your application, and we get it and response to you,and after that we can confirm your transfer of the entrance fee.
  • Because you are not completed only by having you send an application, please be careful.
  • Even before the reception desk deadline, we may finish acceptance when it became the capacity.

◆About payment

  • At the time of application confirmation, we will inform you payment information.
  • Please Do Not Go to payment before it.
  • After having received payment information from us, please go to payment.
  • Fee will be changed because following;
    • If you send registration during Early Bird, and not complete payment until 20th April in Japan time. Fee will go to standard price.
    • If you send registraiton during Standard, and not complete payment until 2nd June in Japan time. Fee will go to last minutes price.

◆About prices

  • The Fee  is included the tuition,  activity participation, accommodation, meal (pre-program: Sunday supper to  Wednesday supper / Main-program: Thursday supper to Sunday lunch ), Note book.
  • An attendant, the visitor companion who is with participants more than one can join activities and watch performance shows. but not join  the class.
  • The cost of your transportation from your home to the camp venue is on your own.

◆About cancellation

Regardless of a reason, the following cancellation fee occurs.

  • If you inform us to want to cancel by April 30th, we will refund money that deducted 10,000 yen as the management fee.
  • If you inform us to want to cancel by May 15,we will refund half of money that you paid.
  • If you inform us to want to cancel after May 30,there is no repayment of an entrance fee that you paid once.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

It becomes when you sent an application that we had your agree to the matter mentioned above.

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