Plan and Fee

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 Plan/ Accommodation/ Fee

Clown camp KISO has 2 types of price plan by lodgings facilities . If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

■KOMAOU <the main lodge>

Hotel name:KOMAOU


  • room size:15~18㎡(10~12 tatamis)plan-img-room
  • all japanese style rooms with Futon
  • capacity:4~5 people per 1 room (more than 10 tatamis)
  • Bath/toilet are on the same floor.


  • Big japanese bath (1 for males,1 for females)
  • Bath towels, face towels,Washing machines and dryers, Yukata (japanese bathrobe) are available.
  • Internet, both of LAN and Free Wi-Fi are available.

This”KOMAOU” is the main lodgings next to KISO cultural park where do classes and some event. Strongly recommended for access  to both of class room and cafeteria. It takes less 1 minutes!
Clowns can enjoy communicate by making balloons, showing ideas to each other until late after classes and event.
But be careful about lacking of sleep.

Reference information

・The electric wave of the cell-phone does not seem to have a trouble, but, please confirm the electric wave situation in each mobile company, carrier.

■Hotel Plan

<neighborhood tie-up hotel>hilltop

We prepare western-style lodge as a choice of the people who want to have priority to privacy.

<Transportation service>

  • twice per a day(morning/night), from/to between hotel to KISO cultural park.
  • Except above, it becomes the arrangement on each participant. Please stop by Camp Office.
  • From class room venue to the hotel, 20 minutes by car.


We have a break room in the space of Clown camp KISO for the people hotel staying.

  • 2 single bed
  • There are bath and toilet in each room.
  • You can choice a single, twin or group room for maximum 5 persons.

heya2   heya1


  •  house coat, slippers, hair-dryer, towel, body shampoo, conditioner in shampoo
  • Free internet connecting is available
  • The electric wave of the cell-phone does not seem to have a trouble.

■Visiter, Companion

All Participant under 16 years old  must be accompanied by parents of guardian. We welcome family, partner and friend of a participant.

“Children “fee is applied the person who is under 18 years old and stay at the same room with his/her parents or attendant companion.

All visiter or companion can observe  classes, clown visiting and enjoy watching the show, but can not enroll in classes.

■Registration fee is included;

  • Accommodation fee.
  • meals (include  box lunch).
    • Pre-program:  Sunday supper to Wednesday ‘s supper, and additional snack.
    • Main program:  Thursday supper to Sunday lunch, and additional snack.
  • Notebook.
  • Your choice of training courses throughout the program.
  • Staff on stage performances.
  • Visit to the local community such as a nursing home, school.
  • Special Meet and Greet as a training class,
  • Opportunity  having your performance on the beautiful theater stage.
  • Transportation during the program,
  • DVD of photos taken throughout the program,

■Registration fees

◎Early Bird : until 15nd April

◎Standard Fee ==16rd April to 31st  May



adults 65,000 JPN
adults( single use) 77,000 JPN
children(under16) 65,000 JPN
companion/visiter 43,000 JPN

*Single use is not possible when full house.


adults twin 67,000 JPN
adult  single 79,000 JPN
children(under16) 67.000 JPN
companion/visiter 48,000 JPN

*”adult twin” is 2 person in a room, “single” is 1 person in a room.

Main Program


Early Bird Standard
adult 86,000 JPN  87,000 JPN
adult  single 94,000 JPN  95,000 JPN
children(under16) 80,000 JPN  81,000 JPN
companion/visiter 44,000 JPN  44,000 JPN


Early Bird Standard
adults twin 91,000 JPN 92,000 JPN
adult  single 95,000 JPN 96,000 JPN
children(under16) 85,000 JPN 86,000 JPN
companion/visiter 48,000 JPN 48,000 JPN

*”adult twin” is 2 person in a room, “single” is 1 person in a room.

Both of Pre and Main Program

*include one night accommodation fee on Wednesday night.


Early Bird Standard
adult 150,000 JPN  153,000 JPN
adult  single 165,000 JPN  176,000 JPN
children(under16) 145,000 JPN  150,000 JPN
companion/visiter 80,000 JPN  75,000 JPN


Early Bird Standard
adults twin 157,000 JPN 160,000 JPN
adult  single 169,000 JPN 178,600 JPN
children(under16) 152,000 JPN 157,000 JPN
companion/visiter 90,000 JPN 83,000 JPN

*”adult twin” is 2 person in a room, “single” is 1 person in a room.

Last minutes registration—  after June 1st

The registration after June 15th will cost additional 5,000yen for each.

■About Registration

  •  For your registration,Please read the summary well.
  • It becomes when you sent an application that we had your agree to the matter mentioned “Implementation Details”.


■About Payment

  • When payment is confirmed, your registration is completed.
  • Register is required complete payment during each course period.