Clown Camp Kiso location pic The Kiso culture park is located to 936m above sea level, and there is in the splendid environment that assumed Kiso-Komagatake
a background.
It is as well as indoor learning, outdoor exercises and activities are possible in the front yard. The location where it is good to tolerant clown mind!


Clown Camp Kiso location picThe Kiso culture park has not only a wonderful hall carrying out appreciation activities such as the musical and movie campaigns, but also meeting rooms and the rehearsal rooms available as
lesson rooms, and has comfortable accommodations.


Clown Camp Kiso Hall picThe main show of Clown Camp KISO is held here.
You can see the performance show by our professional staff, take a class or perform on the stage. This beautiful theater stage is made of all-Japanese cypress.

■Lesson class Room

Clown Camp Kiso class pic
Clown Camp Kiso class picYou can take various classes in a rehearsal room and the meeting rooms. Physical classes such as mime, dance and clowning will be held studio like below, lectures and makeup class will be held meeting room or classroom.


Clown Camp Kiso dining pic

Every participants eat meals in a cafeteria of KOMAOH.

Almost all meals will be provided buffe-style and
various foods such as meat, vegitable, western-style, asian food and of course Japanese food at the same time. It becomes Clown Camp Kiso  very similar bright scenery  the Wisconsin Clown Camp.

Clown Camp Kiso dining picNine of meals during the period are included in the registration fee. Participants enjoy meals in a relaxed atmosphere.

Don’t miss it!


The main dormitory is a hotel “KOMAOU” located just next to the Kiso culture park.