frequently-asked questions. Here are some typical questions. Except these, please feel free to contact us.

things to bring

We made a list of things to bring to clown camping.
Please customize it to each needs.

  1. Fitness wear—There are physical classes. It’s useful for even for stretch and a recreation event.
  2. sneakers—It’s not mind even a dancing shoes.
  3. notebooks and Pen
  4. clown costume—You can buy some at Camp.
  5. make-up tools—You can buy at Camp.
  6. Clown props—As for these, one to take is recommended.
  7. balloons—You can buy at Camp.
  8. juggling tools—It’s not neccesary,but if you want to use at a show or practice,please bring them with you.
  9. alarm clocks—When there is it, it is convenient.
  10. soap—For washing your face after make-up is removed.
  11. towelsタオル—for face-wash when you make-off.
  12. household medicine and sanitary protection
  13. camera film or alot of memory
  14. clothes wearing hangers—When there is it, it is convenient.
  15. umbrella—just in case

Various acceptance preparations are in progress for clown camp.
Because we update new information such as the things which you should take or shouldn’t, please check it out!

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How should I get to the venue?

If you fly to, the nearest airport are following:
Chubu Centrair International Airport, Nagoya(http://www.centrair.jp/en/) or NARITA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT(http://www.narita-airport.jp/en/index.html)
Train:the nearest station is JR Chuo line “Kisofukushima station”
From Kisofukushima station, pick up us bus will be provied. Please contact us about details.
If you drive, you will have free parking,please contact us and your will receive a certificate from.

Do I need a car during stay in Kiso?

No. All transportation of camp program such as visiting, performances are provided by Clown Camp KISO. Of course you can drive here, but not neccesary.


What time should I arrive at the venue ?

Registration will be start at 3:00 Thursday afternoon. You can check in your accommodation about 2:30. We will send more details to all particioant later. First meal will be Thursday supper, and opening session start after supper and the first class start at 7:00. The program start evening, because for participants who are fly/drive long distance.

If you plan early arrival the before day, please let us know. We will work to get special optional price for it.

When is the end of the program?

The last program “Clown Gala” will be over about 5:00PM on Sunday. If you plan late departure in the next day, please let us know. We will work to get special optional price for it.

Where should I go to first?

When you arrive the venue,please come to camp office for registration. You will receive notbook, name tug and T-shirts.


I am a beginner. Is the program fit me?

No problem. You will learn the basics and practice together from the beginning. Also through watching professional performances you will learn a lot. You can also have advice by staff which classes are fit for your needs.

On the notebook, you will see the name of class, instructor and class-outlin.

Do I need sign up for class I receive before the program start?

No. You can choice which class you will attend, and just enroll yourself in it.

I already have the experience as the clown, does the clown camping fit me?

Yes. Choice any class you are intested in. You will learn deeper with your experience in any classes. If you feel it is not fit you during class, you can slip out and enroll another class. You will be able to learn on your choice.

Other question

Can I take the animal to the camp with me?

service/caring dog,but you must send in the application. outside the of service animals are not allowed to bring.

I have a health problem, is there any health care center or a hospital near the venue?

There is the prefectural KISO-hospital near by. If you are sudden sick or injury, you will be able to have medical treatment. Please note this cost will be on each of patients. Strongly recommend to bring your insurance documents with you.

About exercise: Are there facilities?

Thereis no gym in the site. The venue is surrounded by beautifull nature, and you can enjoy hiking, walking and joging.

Can I smoke the cigarette in the venue?

Inside building is smoke-free.Smoking in designated areas only. Please do not smoke when you are in clown costume and make-up.

Can I drink the alcohol drink during camp?

Drinking is not prohibit, but only in your room with agreement of your roommate.You can not attend any classes with alcohol in your body. Also please do not drink,when you are in clown costume and make-up.

Can the companion who does not participate for a program or an attendant accompany me?

Yes. Attendant,comapny comming with the participant,and who are not entry Clown Camp KISO program can registeras “attendant/company.The registration is includet 9 meals, accommodation cost with one’s partner. Attendant/Company can not participate classes, but can observe, enjoy staff performance stage and go along with fun activity. If you like to go sight seeing, it will be fun,too.

Is there the age limit of the application?

If you not be with guardian/parent, then participant must be over age 18. Participant who is under age 18 must have attendant/guadian. Please fill out parent/guadian name, and attendant name on the registration form.So far,the oldest person who attend clown class is 102 years old, even physical class.

Can I shoot it with a video camera in clown camping Kiso?

No videotaping staff performances, classes is allowed.Open mic is allowing video recording if clowns who is shooted give you the okay.But photography is allowed and you can take picture as you want.

Can I up pictures that I shoot on the web like SNS?

You can up your picture on the SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, and some else. But the picture have another participants on the same picture, ask the permission from that persons before up to your SNS.  So ask your friend ” up to SNS, OK?” .

Except these, please feel free to contact us.


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