Director’s Message

Welcome to the Clown camp Kiso

Thank you for coming to the site of clown camp Kiso.  We are RONE&Gigi, the director of Clown Camp KISO.

It was 1997,  clowns of OPEN SESAME feeling uneasiness for broken English passed through the gate of the University of Wisconsin Clown Camp® for the first time.

Never did we dream of teaching clowning after we have been there.

Trough 14 years as lecturers, we learned bringing ourselves up in the relation with a person and the person and it’s knowledge as well as the special technique of the clown polishing technique itself.
It is service,  friendship and joint ownership that we were taught as a clown through Clown Camp®.

The clown is foreign culture/art for Japanese still now.

We are really sorry that the Clown Camp®  University of Wisconsin – La Crosse has been finished in 2009. ( But it is start again after Clown Camp® Reunion in 2016 at Viterbo University! It is the great that this high quality clown education program is run again.)

We got some voice from the inside and outside the country like,
“Is there the place where I can study clowning?” ,  “I want to take a lesson but it is far and cannot attend, so I want to join the camp that I can learn clowning.”

At that time were not readily then, but because of an encounter with the Kiso culture park in 2007,  we decided to make this happen.

This program had started in June 2011 after the disaster of earthquakes and tsunami in Eastern Japan. Because especialy that time, humor and caring was required.

In 2015, it  was the 5th anniversary.Dr. Richard Snowberg had agreed to be take a part of the program as the special honor lecturer to teach Caring Clown.

His leading advocate of Caring Clown and Hospitality of clowning had been sheared with us the possibility of a new approach for clowning art.

Before this Clown Camp Kiso, most Japanese clowns paid a high air fare to United States and Euro traveling to join the clown educational program. Because there were no place that they could learn deeply about clowning. The burdens on participant decrease if they can join in Asian area.

On holding this program,we inherit the philosophy of the red nose of the clown and mind of the service from Clown Camp® University of Wisconsin La -Crosse , and think that we want more people to know the deep charm of the clown.

The training of the clown never have the goal.
Whether you are professional or advance, you are even beginner, or you think “I don’t perform but I want to be a clown in the everyday life “, anybody can learn , and spend fruitful time in Clown Camp Kiso.

From the basic knowledge of the clown to application, let’s brush-up with us!

Clown Camp Kiso,  has been begun from a small step like the early Clown Camp® in UW-La Crosse (University of Wisconsin ). We have the main program of 4 days and 3 nights and as optional program  3days pre-workshop.
It is limited to be able to do everything of clowning  short time. We can work for develop your original clown. We  program the classes that fit as possible a your voice “to want to learn this” , “to want to know such a thing”. So please send us your voice.

You can participate so far or now even if carriedd out any activity wherever. Clown Camp Kiso is a place/time of the great cultural interchange with many clowns widely.

It is you to make the history of the Clown Camp Kiso.

We are looking for you to learn, spend wonderful time together with.

Finally,We would like to say thank you to our special persons whose care I have been it…

Dr. Richard Snowberg who supported the succession of  Clown Camp® willingly, all instructors of Clown Camp® who shere with us a lot of teaching and experiences, Nick Pang supports us in Asia,  Clown TAKKO told us about the existence of Clown Camp®, and Mr.Kotani of the Kiso culture park.

Director of Clown Camp Kiso
RONE & Gigi